Notion was born and raised in Salt Lake City but has strong ties to the northwest. Notion spent most of his time developing as an artist in Seattle which influenced both his sound and lifestyle. his first studio album love me, i love you  displays who Notion is using visuals from four music videos as well as the lyrics from 14 songs that make up the album. the artist took an auto-biographical approach while writing love me, i love you discussing topics such as parties, love, heartbreak, and self discovery. ultimately the album is about high school. Notion is now breaking into the Los Angeles scene and has partnered with the clothing and production company happy i'm sad. As the companies creative director Notion seems to be fitting into the term artist in more than just music. 

Notion's newest single release "california girls" potrays the artists love for Southern California. the song title and lyrics match up well with his current Spotify bio which reads "i'm living out in LA and i spend my money on girls and shoes - inspired by Mike Posner". Notion shares an alike sound to artists such as Ryan Caraveo, Skizzy Mars, Quinn XCII, Marc E. Bassy, and Jeremy Zucker. 

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Social Media Managment

Logan Wright


Artist and Creative Director

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